We Are Not Alone

I just came back from presenting my fifth  - and last -  Summer Library Program workshop in Wisconsin focusing on the Dream Big/Own the Night theme. I probably shouldn't really say I focused on the actual SLP theme. I really only alluded to it.

At the workshops, I spend most of the time exploring and asking participants to explore how and why we do summer reading incentive programs and how easy it is to grow and evolve a program to meet constantly changing community needs.  I never claim to know the best way to do SLP. I am just fascinated with the process of why we do the things we do and how we move forward to truly meet the needs of our families and children.

One of the things that I think we all tend to get bogged down in is the huge inevitablity and implacability of SLPs. Many of us over-prep for a short two month period, spending so much creative energy on that part of the year that the remaining ten months get a shorter creative shrift. I'm there to encourage workshop attendees to focus on fun and consider giving SLP an importance commensurate with its short duration. And I'm there to hear how librarians have saved time and effort (less stats; no prizes; one prize; book bucks).

I also love to hear about what successful events or initiatives that people have been using in their communities. For those of you following the blog, I have been periodically posting little tidbits of the ideas shared (here, here and here). I have picked up a ton of great ideas from librarians from libraries large and small.

It always makes me happy.  Most of us don't create independently of each other. We find ideas from blogs, conferences, workshops, Pinterest, from hallway chats, books, Twitter and Facebook.  The more we rely on each other for ideas and share the ideas and successes we have, the more we and all our colleagues benefit. I am looking forward to heading out to Kansas at the end of the month and hearing more ideas from my colleagues when I present my SLP workshops there. And I'm glad I'm in a sharing profession!

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  1. The workshop was very inspiring and I agree with your efforts to encourage "blending" SLP in with all of the other efforts of the year. Initiatives, creativity, promotion, and events need year round attention and do not have to be overshadowed by summer prep. Thank you for all of the great ideas.