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Two Giants...and All the Words Fit to Print.

What a momentous day  - the inestimable Walter Dean Myers has been named as our newest National Ambassador for Young People's Literature!! A writer of rare gifts and insights, Myers has written powerfully and beautifully for young readers for over forty years.  His passion and commitment is as strong today as when he started. His honor makes this the third home run for the LC's Center of the Book and Children's Book Council who sponsor this initiative (Jon Scieszka and Katherine Paterson were his ambassadorial predecessors).  A huge congratulations and shout-out to WDM!!

And just to make things even more delicious on such a day, Horn Book published a lovely piece by Richard Peck based on his remarks this past October at a Horn Book/Simmons Colloquium.  Reading his tribute to books, writers, readers and the power of books and words in the lives of young people gives me pause ...and hope.

Such richness today - it is a wonderful thing to be a Youth Librarian and lover of children's literature and have two such thoughtful and thought-provoking occurrences on our radar!


Author Days!

We invited author Rick Chrustowski for a visit with area kids yesterday and today and it has been wonderful.  He has a heavy schedule - stops at six schools and a final evening presentation for us tonight for Earth Day.  The first half of the visit has been a wild success. What factors helped?
  1. A vibrant, engaged presenter who inspires kids to read, write and draw.
  2. Willingness to share his talents by involving as many schools as we could accomodate to partner and share costs.
  3. Tying it into local Earth Day/Month efforts and picking up extra financial support as well as promotional support for the presentation for the general public.
  4. Keeping all partners informed and updated on logistics; schedules; deadlines.
  5. Careful scheduling and negotiating with partners that allowed sufficient time for Rick's set-up and take down and travel between sites that meant no speeding, dashing or overt sweating.
  6. Early contact with publisher and local bookstore to insure sufficient supplies of books.
  7. Creating a bookmark with Rick's autograph to hand out at the schools rather than having him do signings at each site.  We kept book signings at the library only (to help encourage attendance and because we have no time constraints for that evening presentation).
  8. Shared hosting of lunches/dinners between the schools and public library so lots of people got to interact and visit on a personal level with a book creator.
  9. Sending out promo bookmarks for the public library presentation to kids at schools who didn't have a chance to be part of his school visits. 
It's so much fun to help kids connect to the fact that real live people create the content in all those books on the shelves.With good preparation and willing partners, it is a perfect way to promote literacy and pique kids interest in books!


Mo Knows

Ok, from now on this is how I want to set the table!

Mo Willems Doodles: A gift of doodles!

(and yes, I know exactly what that fab contraption is and have craved one since I left my last job!)


"Shining Acolytes of the Sacred Flame of Literacy in a Dark and Encroaching Universe"

That's what Terry Pratchett says we librarians should call ourselves rather than "information providers" in his Boston Globe-Hornbook Awards acceptance speech for Nation. It is a wonderful speech - funny and witty and profound in the same way all his writing is. But that phrase, mentioned again today by one of my colleagues at work, particularly tickles the Children's Librarian in me.

We have such seriousness about us lately. Much is just the worry of family and friends jobless and struggling; our communities reeling from the nasty tone of so much discourse; concern about where everything is heading - from books, to reading, to libraries, to the economy, to civility, to just the way things are going (can you tell it is early February in WI....seasonal affective light disorder is stalking us all...).

To this life-long comic book reader, Pratchett's words let me re-imagine my work life as one of Super Librarian getting out there and fighting the good fight for advocacy, reading, literacy and libraries. I mean how cool is being a Shining Acolyte of the Sacred Flame of Literacy in a Dark and Encroaching Universe? Onward!

Image: 'Athena'