Idea Sparklers #3 -Notes from the Field

January brought more great ideas to the fore from participants at my Summer Library Programming workshop at the Arrowhead Library System in Wisconsin. There were ideas from last year's One World Many Stories SLP plus great ways to partner with area businesses and organizations.

Backyard Bird Count - held during February, do a bird themed storytimes; kids make toilet paper tube binoculars duct-taped together. There is a website to record bird counts done at the library. Small bird cut-outs are placed throughout the library for adults (and kids) to find.

Stuffed Animal Search – a stuffed animal is put at various small businesses in town with a clue at the library to help kids find out where each one is. A small form at the business can be filled in and brought back to the library and put in a drawing. The animals are then given away at the end of the program.

Passport Game – in the same line as above, kids were given passports with participating business names. The businesses are given 3 clues for kids to guess what country they are representing. The kids have a passport that the business stamps when they guess correctly. If they got all the countries, they received a pencil prize.

Find the SLP Character – a character is hidden in the department. Kids are given 3 oral clues by the staff to find it and earn a high five when they do. The beauty of this is that kids have to interact with staff to get the clue and staff and kids love it.

Trivia Wheel - Kids spin the wheel and land on a country and are asked to do a silly activity – polka; dance like a kangaroo; etc. When they finished they got a hand stamp or tattoo.

4H Partnership – 4 H comes in monthly and presents a free program featuring crafts and a snack with a different theme each time.

Kid Decorators – children decorate large outline shapes relating to the theme during the first week or two of the SLP. This works with large people shapes as well that kids and staff decorate together.

Space Pix – Use Google Earth to print out pictures of different locales in the area. The library provides clues and kids who guess correctly get their names put in a drawing.

Year-round Scavanger Hunts – during slow times or during spring beak make an all-ages hunt on different themes (Edgar Allen Poe – hide ravens around the library). When people get stumped, there are signs: “ If you are stuck, come see your Lifeline at the desk!”

Grades 3-5 Reading Incentive – instead of prize, kids can choose a party ticket (Wii Fun) to attend a fun party with their peers.

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