Idea Sparklers 9 - Fun Notes from the Field

Continuing on my Kansas trip, I had the good fortune to present at the Southwest Kansas Library System in Dodge City.  It was a great afternoon of ideas for programs.  These are little teasers shared that day. I hope they spark your creativity and lead you to add to your program array!

DIY Storytime - because the only storytime presenter needed to be at the workshop, rather than cancelling the session, she asked for a parent volunteer to lead the storytime.  Materials were provided and all the previous great modeling of storytime presentation results in SLP workshop attendance!

T-Shirt Making Nirvana - rather than tie-dye, used simply spray and twisted and tied shirts, sprayed and hung out for 5 minutes and then sprayed next color. Youtube video provides instructions and the teens loved it. Colors still vibrant many washes later!

Teens Work - teens help create craft samples for storytimes. They love putting in the time and it saves staff!

Movie Mania - films shown weekly in 6 weeks series including oldies and previewing brand new DVDs. Popcorn and popularity!

Weekly Craft Days - had trouble getting kids to clean up so put up a chart with the names of kids on it. For every ten times that kids helped with clean-up, they got a surprise. Really motivated them.

Teen Book Trailer Picks - made powerpoints with book trailers of books from Best Books lists. Kids watch and then vote on favorites and the library makes sure to buy them!

Our Library Rocks - 4Her brings in geology collection and talks about it. The staff provides fun treats like River Rock candy; milk chocolate pebbles and Rocky Road ice cream and tells Stone Soup. Kids also get to pick one polished river rock from a little box for every certain number of books they read (nice idea for SLP 2013!)

Annual Summer Lock-in - 8:00 pm-7:00 am; held in the meeting room with two staffers and twenty kids.  Very popular.

TAB Lock-in - held in January just for the teen advisory board and they get the run of the library.

Elementary Age Sleepover - held once every three years for preschool-Grade 4; 7pm-7am. There are a couple of parents. Games are played outside until 9pm; potluck food; inside games; painting and crafts stations, watch mvies and sleep.

Bedtime Stories with Dad -  kids come in PJs with pillows and stuufed animals. Milk and cookies and stories are shared. Kids love bring dad!

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