Easy SLP Decorating

Melissa over at the Imaginary Librarian has a great idea on a simple, cool way to make large wall or window size display art for the Make A Splash - Read summer program.  This would be useful in any number of decorating ways. I think about our book display shelves against the wall and how hard it is to get art up there in the back of the room that is visible at our desk.

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on a free clip art resource and Susan at The Book Chook shared another clip art source Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin that is worth exploring too. It has great kid-friendly cartoon clip art in a really wide variety of subjects.

But is that all there is?  Do you know of other easy resources for the artistically challenged among us? Share!

Shark clip art from Clip Art by Phillip Martin  http://www.phillipmartin.info/clipart/homepage.htm

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  1. I know this has been done one billion times before, but I love using patterned fabric as a backdrop for a display case or bulletin board. It's cheap and reusable, and it looks great. I'm on the lookout now for some fun beachy prints!