Everything Old Is New Again

My colleague Georgia over at Come into Delight has a great post about an American Girls program she did recently as she paused between the calls of technology. It was focused on Addy who lived during the Civil War era and featured hand squeezed lemonade and entertainment that would have been part of a child's life in that era. The kids were delighted. Keeping Up with Kids blog has additional details provided by Georgia.

It has been interesting to see how popular some of the programs are with kids that reach back to share customs and activities from pre-computer times.  I've seen fascination with butter churning, flint making, sowing seeds, stitching and weaving and so much more.  It echoes what we see in some of our adult programs...people are just as hungry to find out how to make soap, preserve foods and garden as they are to learn how to use Skype and ipods and facebook.  It is an interesting balance and part of what makes program planning and creation so much fun.  There is always something new to try and everything old is new again!

Image: 'Pioneer Dream House' http://www.flickr.com/photos/57402879@N00/98264661

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