Mooo - Clip Art for You!

The Buzz column in the April 2010 issue in School Library Journal notes a great clip art resource that is new to me: The Open Clip Art Library. It has thousands of clip art images that are free to download and can be used for any purpose. And if you are an arty type, you are encouraged to upload images to share with all.  It's a pretty great resource, especially for folks using Open Office or looking to shake up the usual clip art they rely on. The categories are a little broad and it may not be easy to get just what you need quickly but it really has an amazing variety of stuff to browse through.  Oh, be still my commercial-art-beating heart!

Thanks to Kathy Ishizuka for sharing this great site.

Image: Cartoon Cow by lemmling from OCAL


  1. I'm always looking for great free clip art so thanks for sharing! Not sure if you know Philip Martin Clip Art? I love it and use it a lot for the literacy magazine I publish.

  2. Oooh, I will look for that too. Thanks!

  3. I never fail to be thrilled by how you are in the US, I am in Australia, yet here we are communicating! Small things...

    Came back with the url which I meant to include earlier: http://www.phillipmartin.info/clipart/homepage.htm

  4. I know...I LOVE the internet and blogs and social networking for this bringing so many together from all over...such a sea change...so amazing