More Tech Talk

Need more ways to polish up your thoughts and planning on technology and kids.

You can start with the ongoing online chapter-by-chapter publication of Young Children, New Media and Libraries in Little elit, and reading this blog for ideas on using ipads in programming, seminal thoughts on librarians as media mentors and much more.

You can attend these nifty LITA (Library Information and Technology Association of ALA) webinars Technology and Youth Services Programs: Early Literacy Apps and More in May with Claire Moore of Darien CT Library followed the next week by After Hours: Circulating Technology to Improve Kids Access with Megan Egbert from Meridian Library District (go LITA! Go Youth services colleagues!)

You can stay updated on libraries that have been using ipads in-house at blogs like Reading with Red.

And now we're thinking about the nifty and new to the market Launchpads.

There's a world of things to discover! Let's do this!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the LITA webinars with your audience!! :) I'm super excited about them.