Come Get This Job!!

Well, kids, I'm hanging up my biblioboots at the end of July. One last SLP and offski I go into the land of retirement. A little teaching, a little writing, a little consulting, a little professional association work, alotta hiking, fishing, traveling and time with my honey ahead for me!

It has been an amazing 39 years in the field. I was a hungry young thing in 1976 trying to land a MLIS-level job. Those darn "greatest generation" librarians were NOT retiring to make room for us clever boomers (do I hear an echo in present day grumpiness?). I took a parapro job right here in River City -aka La Crosse - got promoted and promoted again to be a manager and off I went in my career.

Over the years, I was hired two more times at this library (a whole third of my career has been here) and have been thankful each time. Why? Because this is a library where innovation can happen, challenges can be met and problems solved.

We're a three college, two large medical centers community with an emphasis on great cultural/art events, a great night life as well as incredible outdoor opportunities five minutes in any direction. La Crosse combines a small town/big city ambiance - a great family place as well as a place of struggle and poverty. Service for the kids, teens and families can expand a million ways from where we are today.

If you thrive on challenge, problem solving, and making blue sky dreams of great service a reality - this is the place to make things happen. While we have the same struggles as many libraries with budgets, perceptions of the library, changing times and community needs, it is the readiness to go in new directions that helps us stay strong and vital. There is strong support for youth services both in the library and in the community. With two branch libraries in addition to the Main Library, opportunities abound to plunge hands into the guts of youth work to build always better models of service to the community.

And best of all? An amazing team of youth staffers who move earth and stars to give great service to patrons. Innovative, passionate and fearless, this group of people makes it a joy to come to work. Combine that with a solid and strong team of management peers who have a sharp eye for the future and the ability to laugh and back each other up and this is a place to make magic happen.

What are you waiting for? Come get this job!  It closes May 22! Youth Services Manager La Crosse (WI) Public Library


  1. Welcome to the Retiring Club, Marge. You'll have lots to offer for years to come. Let me know how that little/lotta mix works out!

  2. Congratulations, Marge! I was a teacher in Menasha back when you were a librarian there. I was a big fan of yours! You were so great with kids and the best storyteller ever. I wish you a fabulous retirement full of fun and adventure!
    Ellen Sepnafski, former 4th gr. teacher at Jefferson School

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your last few months and then thrive on retirement.

  4. I'm a new children's librarian, and I've been following your blog for a few months now. Your writing has been a great source of ideas and inspiration to me. Best of wishes on your retirement. Go enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. :-)

  5. Thank you for all that you have done to promote library services, YSS, your wisdom, experiences, and all the joy you have shared over the years! May your retirement be filled with new adventures. Congratulations and Happy Retirement.