Thank You and May the Gods Bless You

This shout-out goes to Editorial Anonymous the always wry, witty and to the point (ouch!!) children's book editor who anonymously answers queries about writing and publishing and sometimes skewers the clueless and the crass.  Today's missive addresses the dreamers who imagine that all that is needed to write a children's book is a knack for rhyming "cat" with "mat".  Zing!  Her last three summarized pieces of advice are ones we should all keep in our back pocket to trot out when we get the dewy-eyed hopefuls who drop off their "children's book I've just written today!"

Image: 'Books, anyone?'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/14228046@N03/4444473213

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  1. EA is hilarious! Thanks for the tip! She's just what I've been looking for since Miss Snark retired her blog.