A Rose is a Rose...

Today in the mail, a friend sent me a little newspaper clipping and picture of a young woman doing a summer reading promo visit at a school near my former job.  And it was Rose!  She is now a young woman but I knew her first as a preschooler in my storytimes. She and her brother Alex were sweet-faced, wide-eyed kids who were always *there* for the stories. Their parents brought both of them to the library often and we had a wonderful comfortable relationship with the family over the years -finding books, answering questions and, as the kids grew older, visiting and finding out what they were interested in and how their lives were going.

The last I time I spoke to Rose before I left my former job, she was working towards her Education degree and heading to a life of teaching. But today I saw that her life had taken an amazing twist. A little research and I see that she was hired as the Youth Services Librarian at a nearby library.  Wow.  Lucky library, lucky kids!  I am so excited for her!  It is wonderful to see such a library lover working in a library.

These are the moments that always make my day!

Image: 'majestic_rose'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/82201122@N00/2333847657

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