Pertinently Pert?

Eva over at Eva's Book Addiction kindly conferred a Pertinent Posts Award on me and my tiny blog!  It's a first ever award and I'm glad it's for being pert...inent!  Thanks for the shout-out Eva.

According to the rules:
  • Thank who gave you the award and link to them;
  • State what is is you look for in a blog;
  • Give the award to 7 people whose blogs pertain most to you.
now I get to recognize seven of my peers! 

This is a tough choice to winnow down all my faves so, let me share just a few. I love looking for blog content that makes me think about libraries, working with kids there and ideas for programs and storytimes that keep me fresh.  So here are my favorite go-to blogs:

Come into Delight - Georgia always has a unique view of kid's library work and great ideas.
Keeping Up with Kids - a brand new blog of a neighboring Wisconsin Library system has great tips and info
100 Scope Notes - playful, tasty info tidbits and links from Travis on children's literature make this a go-to spot for me
Hi Miss Julie - a blog that is new to me but full of thoughtful insights plus fun from a perspective of a children's librarian
Imaginary Librarian - great teen programming tips complete with pictures and instructions
Almost Librarian - I j'adore Valerie's booklists - they are hands down some of the best choices for books within a theme - but i also appreciate her insights.

One more, one more, one more...ok, I HAVE to choose the next one - I must have a laugh each and every day and when things are most dire, Cake Wrecks (with sassy commentary on cakes gone wrong) always fill the bill! What could be more pertinently impertinent?

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