Lights! Camera! Children's Literature!

Oooooh- ahhhhh a trailer for an upcoming feature-length documentary on children's literature, Library of the Early Mind. It looks verrrry interesting!

Thanks to Betsy over at Fuse 8 for the heads up!


  1. I love it already! Do you ever see an author that you love, and you think, "I know you! You're part of me!"? I thought that when I saw Natalie Babbitt on the trailer. And once, when I was working as a student at the CCBC, Charlotte Zolotow called on the phone-- I got to talk to Charlotte Zolotow!!!-- and I thought that then too. Thank goodness for authors.

  2. Absolutely. Books connect people - readers and creators - in such a deep and mysterious way. And talking to Charlotte Z?!?! That's why I love WI and the CCBC!!