Promoting Summer Fun

Reading Suasn Baier's post over at the ALSC blog encouraging librarians in tight budget times to continue visiting schools to promote summer reading programs really struck a chord with me.  May is a big month for public children's librarians.  Many of us hit the road and arrive at schools to sell our shiny cool product - summer reading programs that encourage kids to continue to enjoy reading throughout vacation time. 

While I could happily be taking a nice long vacation - exploring the spring woods and hunting for wild ramps, mushroom and asparagus; canoeing around streams and dipping a line in the water for bright and lively fishies; adding pot after pot after plant after plant to my flower and vegetable gardens; or lazing around the deck and watching the birds nest, bats fly and rabbits munch - I know that the work done in May at the schools is some of my most important annual outreach. No matter what theme we use, I make sure I am at the schools, laughing, joking and promoting reading with my whole being.  It's an investment in time, a personal touch, that helps to make the connection for kids and helps to bring them in.

And in it's own way, it's like growing - or hunting or fishing for - readers so it can satisfy my May vacation dreams too.

Image: 'Gazanias - Flores de fuego'   http://www.flickr.com/photos/8991878@N08/1490596477

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