Get On the Bus

Over at Keeping Up with Kids is a most delightful program for preschoolers: having a visit from a school bus!  Simple, easy and of course little kids would be fascinated.  Sometimes the easiest ideas give us the best bang for our planning time.  Pair it with a school bus story or two and voila!

We have had vehicle days at libraries where I've worked.  We arranged for heavy equipment, race cars, motorcycles, police and fire vehicles and everyone got up close and personal.  For a few years, during Public Works Week in May, our endlessly patient and delighted public works crew would bring over all kinds of monster city vehicles for the kids to play with.  Though we have never tried this, I bet it would be fun to do a storytime series that features a different real vehicle each week with a story or two about it.  What a great way to involve friends and community agencies with cool wheels and highlight fabulous non-fiction we own.  Thanks KUWK for getting my brain going!

Image: 'School Bus'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/51035555243@N01/162240763

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