Wow! Wimpy Kid Party

Ok, this is simply a crime - putting on a party so crazy and fun...and I actually get paid to do this!  We hosted a Diary of a Wimpy Kid party this week during our Afterschool Adventure series of programs.  We opened it up to anyone who wanted to attend and got a pack of rabid fans.

We made up some "Mom bucks" ahead of time and used them to give out to kids throughout the program during games and activities. Here's what we played:
  • Wimpy Kid Trivia questions - Mom Bucks to kids who answered correctly.
  • Cheese Touch Game - used a piece of plastic cheese and played like "hot potato". Players received a Mom Buck when eliminated. Last kid with the cheese picked up two Mom Bucks.
  • Greg's Dressing Room Requirements - from the "Do-It-Yourself" book - kids each got a chance to add an outrageous requirement.
  • Clothes Relay Race -teams had to fold 2 shirts, a pair of socks and a pair of tightie-whities and run across the room with them. Two Mom Bucks to the winning team; one Mom Buck to the losing team.
  • Wimp Yourself Website (wimpyourself.com) -  each kid got to wimp themselves.
  • Manny Cereal Toss - Kids got a chance to try and toss three min-cereal boxes into a toilet seat placed atop a waste basket.
All kids then got to trade in Mom Bucks for a munchie snack bag that "Dad" had hidden. The kids and we had a wild time and it was great to celebrate a book with so many fans.  Big thanks to PUBYAC posters Danielle Dungey, Ann Hardginski and Hannah Owen who shared their own successful party tips.

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  1. What a great party to celebrate the well loved books! I plan on recording these ideas in my own diary---being a wimpy kid myself.

  2. Marge! This - looks - SO - awesome! I have to make sure I write this down to do it in the future!!