The Battle has Commenced!

Have you been over to SLJ's Battle of the Books yet? The battle has begun and it is totally rock-'em, sock-'em action.  Now on day three, the distinguished judges have had the herculean task of making sure no entry is moved to the back of the bus in the evolutionary path that pits science and violence and books against each other. 

Wow...Jim Murphy, Nancy Farmer, Candace Fleming and upcoming judges have their work cut out for them. They are leapfrogging over each other, kissed by fate to find the lost, get real in their march, stay in the game show spirit, wend their way through the dust kicked up by the peanut gallery in a jazzy but positive way, and graphically face the comments and commentator who are probably muttering after each decision, "if you can't get justice...get even."  I think we all can make peace with the final decisions though because, agree or not, the reasoning is solid and fascinating to read.

If you are not making a daily stop here to watch the results, you are missing one of the best games in the kidlit- and library-blogosphere.  Be there or be square!

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