Art Attack!

In keeping with our "Be Creative" theme, one of my colleagues planned an "Instant Art" program today that was an easy prep and a monster success - the best combination for summer. Our handouts enticed kids with: "The library atrium is boring and bare...then a flash mob of children come in, make their own wonderful art creations and POW! - the library is a cool, creative place for all!"

Paper, markers, feathers, craft papers, stick-on shapes, buttons, ribbons, scissors, glue sticks and doo-dads were placed on tables around the room. Our programmer read DePaola's Art Lesson and Ehlert's Hands to inspire the crowd and the kids got arty!

A staffer was on hand with Ellison die-cuts of award ribbons and awarded each and every picture a special award created specially for each unique art piece including "Best Eye-Popping Art"; Most Feathery Art Award"; "Best Two-gether Award" (for art created by a sisterly duo) and many other fun awards. Then all pictures were hung in our atrium for library-users to see by our teen volunteers.

The kids were happy, the parents were happy ("You have the best library"; "This was so much fun") and the library is beautified.


Summer is Here and So Am I!

Hurray for summer and warm weather and Summer Library Program time! They are back and so am I. I spent the past month packing up, sprucing up, selling and buying a house and am finally relocated and ready to rock and blog- just in time for summer.

The fantastic crew I work with developed a monster fun program for kids that combines all the best aspects of what I think makes a great public library summer program:

1. It's easy and understandable for the kids (and parents!)

2. It puts the emphasis on the fun of reading rather than many onerous requirements.

3. It invites the families to return to the library periodically on their schedule.

4. It involves the community in providing grand prizes (fun experiences like tickets to baseball games; free museum passes; time spent with city workers; visits to local eateries). The community buys in and appreciates what we are doing.

5. It provides a book as a prize.

6. It is easy for the staff (and volunteers) to administer leaving LOTS more time to do reader's advisory, visiting with the kids, reference and beaucoup programs.

What could be better?!?!