Make Mine Music SLP Workshop Links 2/23/18

This project was funded in part with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services which administers the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Division for Libraries & Technology

It was great to join so many colleagues from the northeastern side of Wisconsin for some fun times surrounding planning for summer ...and contemplating change.

Here are some of the links I shared with you

Summer Learning -  Horizons National video

Summer Library R/Evolution Pinterest Board

Marinak, Barbara and  Linda Gambrell (2016) No More Reading for Junk: Best Practices for Motivating Readers. Heinemann

Summer 2018 Pinterest Board and here is another one from Wisconsin's Miss Pippi!

Wisconsin Library Association

PDF of slidedeck

Idea Sharing from the workshop:
Ukekeles are inexpensive way to invest to create hands-on music with kids
Consider getting a sponsor(s) from small business(es) to sponsor programs or food for events.
Create songwriting books for teens monthly meetings where attendees can work on songwriting skills; once a year open mic night.
Community Outreach – look into non-profit arts group who often need to do community outreach.
Do Dance Party “Rock n Stroller” CDs…highlight your CD collection.
Street party- block street off if your library is small. Or use nearby park.
Work with your schools that do music. Create an instrument petting zoo and ask high school kids to bring their instruments and demonstate how it is played.
Not a singer, no problem..use rhythm.  
Don’t apologize for singing.
Have a kid parade with homemade instruments
Made eggs and spoons to make shaker and added different things to each (rice, noodles, gravel, ) and have kids listen to the difference
Show videos of sound effects being made – “Foley” is name of making sound effects
Sing along to movies (can you say Frozen?)
Make music with sounds of nature or sounds of your town.
Musical selfie – sing or play some notes that are you and put on library FB page
Listen to a variety of music and draw what they hear (jazz; fast, slow,etc)
Lip sync contest
Folk dance/square dance/line dance
Music camp
Create a jingle for the library
Use digital Garage Band to create music with teens
Rap battles with karoake machines
Do a family talent show
Don’t forget rocks
Rocks build– build with rocks – tower, wall, road, balanced rock sculpture
Rock science - layers of the earth; show different rocks

Rock art – polished rocks; kindness rocks; jewelry with rocks
UW-Madison Geology Museum will lend collections if you pick up and drop off
Check with Weis Museum of UW-Fox Valley campus
Use pictures of rocks to make a mosaic
Rock Fashion Week - tweens and teens can make fashion accessories
Starburst Rock Cycle video

Hope you have a great summer!!

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