Overcoming Project Management Obstacles - Perseverance

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The final part of this series, based on a workshop (Walls, Windows and Doors: Overcoming Obstacles in Project Management) I presented in Eau Claire and the crowd-sourced wisdom of the attendees, addresses perseverance in how we manage obstacles.

Sometimes projects stretch out longer than we expect or, if they are an unending part of our job, take on a feeling of drudgery. They also can undergo significant change in the process that appear to be obstacles. Looking for the doorways through can feel discouraging. But persevering to what can be  unexpected outcomes can often strengthen not only the team but the project.

Perseverance Strategies
  • Incorporate new information – stay current on the project but don’t be afraid to adjust as new info changes focus or as the project evolves
  • Be Patient - projects take time. You may need to adjust deadlines and timelines to adjust for real library life
  • Flexibility - be ready to change and adapt an idea to make it project stronger
  • Keep vision of outcome ahead of you to stay on track/inspired
  • Keep lines of communication open
  • Be sure to nurture yourself to avoid burn-out
  • Find others to build/maintain enthusiasm with you
  • Know your strengths/limitations
  • Be willing to allow “thinking stage” time to allow you to tackle parts of the project in a way that lets you work on those without swallowing the whole project.
  • Make a chart that shows progress of project
  • Consider narrowing focus to a smaller aspect to move project forward and make it more manageable
  • Believe in yourself AND those who you are working with to bring change about. Be convinced you CAN do it! It helps you be a good advocate.
  • Celebrate the success of each piece of the project and thank those who worked on the process 

Thanks for sharing the journey. Here are links to part one (process) and part two (personnel). And last but again not least,  huge thanks to the generous participants in the workshop who so kindly combined and shared their great ideas with us!

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