Elephant and Piggie Party!

I love programming with school age kids - both early elementary friends and older elementary. One of my all-time favorites is Elephant and Piggie from the delightful early elementary books written by Mo Willems. Why?

First, kids love this goofy pair. Second, I love this goofy pair. Third, lots of you out in the blogosphere have shared your wonderful programs. My Pinterest board is happily full of enough fantastic ideas to do this book-themed party many times with many different activities!

Finally, this program is is a perfect example of #unprogramming - lots of ideas stored away to use, capitalizing on strong kid interest, books to share with kids, children free to explore and interact with stations and extremely small preparation.

To begin we read three books:
We are in a Book
There is Bird on Your Head
I Broke My Trunk

I set up three stations of stuff for kids and parents to play with:
1) Elephant and Piggie paper bag puppets. Because we have a fantastic business manager, we just happened to have pink and blue bags to make this easier. We found the ideas and patterns here.
2. Bird on My Head Hat. Using a bowl, pom poms, crepe paper for nesting, yarn  and a pigeon cut-out, kids could make a nest for their heads. I mean really, who can resist this?!?! Thanks Abby!

3. Get Well Card for Elephant - markers, card sized sheets and stickers were all we needed.
Kids happily listened, explored and made for the entire program. My biggest job was taking a few photos to preserve the moment. When programs celebrate books, the kids feel like winners and this librarian feels like a superhero - connecting kids and a love of books!



  1. Thank you for the ideas! One of my little patrons requested an Elephant & Piggie Storytime, so, of course, need to have one! the cards are going to be made over the course of November by all my storytime groups and delivered to our local retirement home. I would not have thought of this without your inspiration!

    Thanks again.