Let's Go to School Together!

Hey friends out in youth library land....

Interested in digging more deeply into programming for children, preschool through elementary ages? Want to explore: why we do what we do; how to do it better; negotiating the tricky currents of available staff, time, money and patron reactions? Thinking you've got storytime down pat but want to strengthen your preschool programming in other ways? Need to expand your community of programming peeps through robust dialogue, program shares and down-right feisty argument?

Well, I have an online course for you!  I will be teaching Power Children's Programming - on a Budget, a six week on-line course for the UW Madison SLIS Continuing Education department beginning the week of February 10. It is open to anyone, in-state or out-of-state, who is interested in this subject.

Since it's an asynchronous course, you can dip into the content anytime each week. Lectures and readings are a mix of written text, webinars, slideshares, video and links to seminal posts about programming from bloggers including Bryce, Anne Clark, Amy Comers, Melissa Depper,  Abby Johnson, Amy Koester, Angie Manfredi, Brooke Newberry, Katie Salo, Beth Saxton and our friends at the ALSC, Little eLit and Thrive Thursday blogs.

I've created a brand new blog Kids Library Program Mojo that will start filling with content as the ideas and programs start popping up in the course and being shared. Coursework in this pass/fail course takes about 2-3 hours a week and the two brief assignments allow you to hone your thinking on programming (be an advocate!) and create/share a program. What could be more fun?

I hope you consider joining me for this most excellent learning adventure. I plan to learn as much as I teach!

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