Tiny Tips is Six!

It's the blog's birthday - six years old!  My little baby has had some explosive growth, doubling readership from last year (83,000 views) to over 167,000 views - with over 10K views monthly. From it's humble beginnings to this - whoa!

Thank you for reading Tiny Tips and sharing your thoughts with me here and on Twitter and in person.  You all make me think lots in return. I don't know how work in children's librarianship can get more rewarding but meeting so many of you online and in person and delving deeply into discussions about how we do our work good has really made this a dazzlingly fun run!

Thanks so much, my friends!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


  1. Congrats!! I recently stumbled across your blog and love it :) I am a library assistant at a campus library and am in my second year of grad school to get my MLS. Your blog has been very inspiring...thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas :)

  2. Well Happy Blogirthday! Has it REALLY been six years? You are always an inspiration to me and your blog is always my go to.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! My the time does fly!! Hope you'll be around for many more.

    1. Thanks Jen! I always considered you one of my remote mentors!

  4. Thanks for sharing your wealth of expertise, energy and wisdom. Happy Birthday!!!