Thinking About Science

With next year's CLSP (Collaborative Summer Library Program)  theme centering on science, I am starting to gather ideas and thoughts and pins on sources for fun programs.  I have this idea that we are going to create a robot-mascot of some sort and use it in many thematic ways.

One idea I have is putting a robot head on the wall. Then as kids read and we set group goals, we start adding a body part on after so many minutes read. The more kids read, the more complete the robot will be - first a boot, then a leg, then a hand,then an arm and onward. Let's see if that motivates the reading troops!

But more than that, we get to do science all summer.

I know it will be a gimme for programs and activities. That's because STEM and STEAM have entered our public library vocabulary.  It has freed us to look not just at fiction-based programming but at non-fiction-based science: makering, experiments and unprogramming (where kids take the lead in discovery and learning in programs).

A recent post by Allison over at No Time for Flashcards got me excited about the prospects of science for our tots. It goes hand in hand with another favorite blog, library makers Wonder Works, where the littlest kids delve into science and go where few tots and gone before.  I also depend on Amy over at Show Me Librarian (and a frequent ALSC blog contributor on the subject) who generously shares STEAM programs through her blog posts on programs at her library.

You can drop my SLP 2014 Pinterest board over the coming year to see what mischief I'm collecting.

Where are your go to blogs and websites for science and kids? Let's share the good stuff!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


  1. Our state library youth services consultant has started putting together Pinterest boards for next summer! Kids: http://pinterest.com/suzanneewalker/2014-fizz-boom-read-indiana/ and Teens: http://pinterest.com/suzanneewalker/2014-spark-a-reaction/

  2. How did you make your wooden robot? He is too cute!

    1. I know the robot is the best! Sadly, he is just a picture I found on Pixabay, a source of free graphics and photos.