Percolating Programs

I grew up in those rare and wonderful old days of percolating coffee pots. Mom would put the makings in that pot, turn up the heat and I would watch as the coffee slowly started popping up inside the little glass bubble on top. It would perc furiously away until the kitchen was filled with a rich coffee smell and the coffee was done.

I feel like that's how programs happen lots of times.  Put the makings in the pot - some ideas seen on blogs, Pinterest or ones just rolling around in your mind; some great books that support the program; some ideas of story extension ideas - let that perc around your brain for a few hours, days or weeks and before you know it,  you have a tasty program brew ready to serve up to the kids.

My favorite brews are always made up of a mix of beans. For storytimes and preschool events, I look for posts and ideas from my many storytime/Flannel Friday colleagues - many of which can be found on this resource page from Mel's Desk.

For school age fun I stop by the Show Me Librarian, Future Librarian Superhero, Bryce Don't Play, ALSC blogBeyond the Book Storytimesso tomorrow, Come into Delight, Keeping Up with Kids, Abby the Librarian, GreenBeanTeenQueen, library makers and, new to me, Fat Girl Reading

With such a rich mix of ideas, my program brew is always in tasty shape. What blogs or boards do you follow to find your inspirational programming brew?


  1. Beautiful analogy! That is just how it works for me : ) and you are always part of the beans.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I need to post more programs on my blog that I keep meaning to write up. I turn to your blog for ideas-we had a very successful cookie club this year thanks to you!