Star Wars - Instant Fun

We held a Star Wars party last week that went swell. We used lots of ideas from here , invited kids to come in costume (they did) and we were able, with the great good help of Abdo Publishing, to have a real live storm trooper and Abdo Rep (who both traveled 6 hours round trip to be at our library) and a life-size Darth Vader cardboard stand-up.
I was away on vacation but my colleague posted this photo on our library Facebook page asking for captions.  I listed a few of them.  Let me just say, I love our patrons!
    *Mr Vadar is busy, may I take a message?
    *These aren't the books we're looking for...

    *Hello mom

    *Hello? This is TK-421.
We look forward to Saturday October 6 for our Star Wars Read Day!


  1. Hi. How did you work it out with Abdo Publishing to get a cardboard cut out and character? I just called them and it seems it would cost a pretty penny. Thank you for your help.

    1. We made the connection with the publisher at ALA while doing Spiderman fun. The publicist had gotten her degree here in La Crosse. She knows how isolated we are (no 501st legion! 3-4 hours from major cities) and took pity on us. This has never worked for us before with publishers and I don't expect to be that lucky again. But what a great lightening strike!