I Gotta Tip for You

I really love lists that librarians put together to guide, warn, express exasperation or otherwise share their wisdom/experience/ideas/disdain. Here are a few recent gems:

Screwy Decimal's Top 10 Tips for Librarians. Rita knows, follow her sage words.

Magpie Librarian's Please Don't Say This to a Librarian . One my favorite parts of this post is the clueless commentator who. just. does. not. get. it.

Edudemics 20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About. Inquiring minds who like to chat about libraries will want to stop here.

Early literacy storytime guru Mel at Mel's Desk shares her Ten Favorite Baby Storytime Plans. I slavishly follow Mel's suggestions. Always. So should you. She's one smart, creative cookie.

For Those About to Mock details its list of 14 classic Newbery misses. Thank god, my year isn't mentioned ;->

An oldie but goodie: My Life Scoops 10 Cool Things for People Who Read (Real) Books. If it's bling and it's books I'm there!

You got some lists to share?

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! That was a hard list to make, but a fun one :)

    Another list I really enjoyed was Betsy Bird's list of the worst book covers so far this year: