Pinterest, SLP and Me

So.  This is my first SLP post-Pinterest newbie-dom. Is it mean to say that it has been by far - and I mean BY FAR - the easiest prep I ever had to do running up to the day? Well, it is. 

Colleagues have been pinning away over the past five months (maybe more..I'm that new) and I have been picking up great ideas. Far, far too many to use.  But I have a boatload of goodies for the kids thanks to the shared websites. 

Here are a few of my top favorites pins that made my summer EZ:

Our main decorations are going to be kid-made planets, aliens, rockets and space stuff made by kids and hung on crepe paper. Based on an idea seen at this clever site.

Walking s'mores idea came from this site (edited by me but written by someone far more clever - Amanda Struckmeyer!). We'll use them at our After-Hours Camp Out and Scary Story Night

We are running a series of space adventures with various staffers. The two that I am in charge of will incorporate this oreo-moon phase idea and the other will so be this constellation making on the grass.

Our Stars Wars Party is chuck full of ideas from here

I got the idea of the Future Book Look (that's ours pictured above) pointing kids to non-fiction written on craft sticks from here.  Here's our intrepid staffers Sara and Sherri demo-ing it.  We know kids will be excited to try non-fiction and we know that whichever book they pick will be a future read ;->
Pinterest - and all my Pinterest friends who pin so generously and creatively - thanks!


  1. So glad you made a book fortune-teller. The one from Pinterest is mine and I really like the look of yours! How is it something so simple could be so thrilling?

  2. Thanks for posting your idea originally...it's so much fun to build on what you did! In the past we had slips of paper in a jar but the craft stick idea beats the pants off that one! And thanks for visiting Tiny Tips!