ALA Members, I'm Talkin' To YOU!!

I often have to listen to people saying that they don't "know enough about candidates" to vote in ALA elections. This, from librarians!?!?!?!  I tear my hair out.

Having run for numerous offices/committees in ALA/ALSC, I know darn well  candidates submit statements, lists of committee work and achievements. Clearly people don't read them.

This is not a popularity contest...although those of us who blog have a leg up in terms of "voter recognition".  This is an opportunity for us to look at what candidates are bringing to the table and deciding whether they have the goods to do a good job on behalf of libraries, on behalf of youth.

Luckily, no one has an excuse anymore.

ALA has produced an election guide to 2012 elections. It's a mere 14 pages and you might learn something. Take a few minutes, ok? If you are voting for Council and you care about youth issues, look for candidates who are members of ALSC, YALSA and AASL. Look for folks with strong IF ties.  If they blog, do they have anything intelligent to say?

If you are voting for ALSC,  YALSA and/or AASL offices, what the deuce have they done?  Have they contributed in a way that makes them seem like they can navigate the bloodsport of board politics? Do they have a variety of experiences in the division?

If you are voting for media award committee folks, do they have reviewing experience or book discussion experience (whether in print or blog)?  Please don't just pick the name you know. Really look and give a chance to the person that may not be on the lips of all but will bring solid experience to the table of book/media discussion.

You can do it. I know you can. Right? Please don't disappoint me.

Image: 'did you?'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/7157508@N04/3002643292

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