Touching My Heart

Today I spent a wonderful four hours with sixty librarians and system staff from the South East Kansas Library System in Iola Kansas. These wonderful librarians were from communities that range in population from under 100 to a few thousands to a few larger communities serving 12K-20K. And man, they are bringing the service.

It struck me once again.  Communities who care about education, knowledge, reading and literacy put their hands and hearts together and make sure they have not just a school, but a library that serves the needs of all ages. That is an amazing statement. In America, most communities don't have "math houses" or science museums. But almost all communities have libraries.

This support of reading and literacy - from major urban communities to tiny 87-person townships - is fundamental and important to our democracy and an informed and knowledgeable citizenry. It touches my heart and makes me proud of my country and the people who care so deeply for literacy and education. And it makes me feel even more strongly about the importance of libraries while communities struggle financially and try to keep all their services intact. I think we can make the case for libraries and their importance by speaking about these fundamental truths.

And I know my colleagues in Kansas will keep on bringing it.

Picture of a SEKLS workshop

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