Wrapping up ALA Midwinter Around the Blogosphere

Just a few wrap-up posts on the adventures. Share your faves in comments!

Mary Ann at Great Kids Books shares some love and insight on the Morris seminar (that helps train people to serve on the YMA* committees).

Travis at 100 Scope Notes always provides a supportive and even-handed wrap-up of some of the YMA.

Monica at Educating Alice shares her pleasure at YMA results.

Betsy at Fuse 8 Productions gives her usual thorough and very witty take on the YMAs.

Jonathan at SLJ's Heavy Medal blog points out that all winners/honorees had great reviews/accolades.

Robin over at Horn Book's blog talks about the process of selecting honor books. Then to top it off she exactly describes the way the YMA conference feels in another Horn Book post in Calling Caldecott.

The OIF Blog championed an excellent resolution passed by Council (who says issues move slowly through ALA?) calling Arizona legislators on the carpet for a biased and censorious law targeting ethnic and minority studies that I blogged about here.

And of course the ALSC blog was the go to place for observations and news large and small.

And here's a youtube channel with honorees thanking the committees

Plus never say librarians don't know how to spend money and have fun while visiting conference cities. The locals are always a little surprised.

Finally the twittersphere was hot, hot, hot throughout the YMA announcements (#alayma). Someone announced during the mad texting that that the hashtag had trended extremely high for activity approaching top ten status for a bit. The results: many, many porn tweets popped up there.  So getting popular is not always good? Hilarious!

*YMA= Youth Media Awards presented at the ALA Midwinter Meeting

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