Muffins with Mom/Doughnuts with Dad = Perfection

I was asked to come by one of our elementary schools today to do a story and brief presentation about the library and what's up at their monthly breakfast: Muffins with Mon/Doughnuts with Dad.  This 45 minute early morning event for preschoolers, 4K and K kids and their grown-ups features a light breakfast and plenty of books for families to read together as they eat.  There is always a short informational presentation and all kids who attend receive a free paperback book.

My LMC colleague Bridget and some of her school colleagues created this amazing event last year after writing a grant to the district's educational foundation. The grant helps fund the mini-muffins, glazers, fruit, milk and juices - and the books for give-away. It is going into it's second year and the funding has been extended.

The original concept is still being followed and the participation continues to grow. The breakfast is held in the LMC, the tables where families eat are covered in LMC books to read while eating and the free books to take home are enticingly displayed. The families represent a wide range of economic and cultural circumstances and everyone comes together to celebrate books.  Everyone is modeling reading and I think it is very encouraging for families. It is mellow, fun and very conversational.

Simply put, I love this event. I am in awe of the original planning that went into this concept. It resulted in a strong  and worthwhile program - the fact that it is still hewing to it's original form yet continuing to grow in participation speaks volumes. I appreciate being asked to be a part of the mix to highlight a few of our programs and initiatives, encourage library card sign-up and celebrate the fact the school kids are so lucky to have two libraries - a LMC and a public library to go to. And, as a supporter of literacy, I am thrilled to watch the faces of the kids as they are absorbed in books amid the whirl of activity and hum of voices.  To me, this school program = perfection. Kudos to my school colleagues!

Image: 'Blueberry muffins and tangerines'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/44124473190@N01/2353402378


  1. I love this idea! We don't have any elementery or middle school librarians anymore but this would be a great program for the principals to implement. I'll have to pass it along.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful program and it's so great that they invited you to participate!