I'm a Proud Co-Mom!

 I am tickled pink to see the newly revised Great Early Elementary Reads booklist available on the Association for Library Service Website (ALSC) website. My wonderful national colleagues on the School Age Programs and Services Committee (chaired so beautifully by Iowa's own Tami Finley) worked happily and virtually in Google docs this fall to suggest and annotate over sixty great books for kids just beginning to read and those who are exploring early chapter books.  Each book, published between 2009 and 2011, has complete bibliographic info to make ordering copies a snap.

We were building on the pioneering work of our School Age Programs and Services committee predecessors, chaired by Shilo Pearson, who conceived of and created the first list almost three years ago.  Both lists contain great books from first time authors as well as popular writers who have made a mark on children's literature. There is a smattering of non-fiction and poetry as well as plenty of fiction featuring a rainbow of child protaganists.

ALSC  "recommends these titles for children who are just learning to read and beginning to read on their own. The books included were published between 2009 and 2011. However, many are part of a larger series that young readers also will enjoy. Librarians, educators, and others who work with families are encouraged to download and print the brochure and share it with parents, grandparents, and caregivers in their community."

Hats off to my co-moms on the committee who worked to create this great list to share with all of you: Tami L. Chumbley Finley, Sarah Abercrombie, Janis Cooker, Claire Moore, Sara Lissa Paulson, Erin Lynn Pierce, Elizabeth D. Rosania and Sarah Stippich and to the great staff at the ALSC office who supported our efforts to update this jewel!

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