Give Me That Old Time Paper, Give Me That Old Time Paper...

The New York Times had a trez interesting article exploring the trend of ebooking and wired parents preferring to have their children read print books. It is a phenom I have seen at the library where I work.

Adults are coming to that tipping point where many more are going to own/use ebook devices than don't.  Wisconsin libraries are pitching in a combined $1 million dollars for our consortium to acquire even more Overdrive content for the clamoring public (and of course steeling ourselves for the possibility of more epic fail during Christmas when all those new ebook owners are going to be trying to download content - ALL AT ONCE!!).

We haven't seen quite the brouhaha on the children's side here.  Sure the kids sit down at the AWE computers.  Sure they access Tumblebooks through our library online. We've had a couple of inquiries from parents on print books based on apps (some of which exist and some don't).  Interestingly enough, when a public library/school library group convened to talk ebooks and readers here last week, the district schools saw nothing on the horizon from their side yet.

That hasn't stopped us from looking ahead and thinking about how to bring more e-content into our library and to our kids.  We were excited to read the always forward-looking Darien CT library's ALSC blog post on their circulation of ipads in Early Literacy pack. We are looking to fund raise for this type of initiative at our library.

Still and all, old print warhorse that I am, I am happy to see print books for kids staying, for the moment, strong in the heart of our parents. Because it is strong in our hearts too.

Image: 'for the love of books'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/75632859@N00/471634239

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