Three Cheers for Shout-outs!

I really enjoy the sometimes curmudgeonly, often hilarious, and sometimes bent outlook of the.effing.librarian.  Today, he gives definite props to all of us children's librarians out there for the work we do with with kids.  Of course what always makes this kind of thing special for me is when someone in the library world who doesn't usually come near kids stuff still "gets" it and appreciates the good stuff we do. We saw it with the Library History Buff's powerful essay at LISNews in February.

It's good when any of us in the library biz give a little love to others way outside of our own career niche.  So let me give a little praise back to my friends up on the front line of every Circ desk in the country.  I know the joys and annoys you go through minute by minute, day after day.  You handle the ups and downs with aplomb and there is not one other desk that handles the sheer number of transactions with such grace. Without your work and equalibrium, we would fold! Thank you!

Here's to the Tech Services folks who put such care and concern into all you do to put things into some kind of organizational order...and deal with all the dreaded discards and processing issues.  You are my heroes behind the scenes - you make us all look good!

Hey my Tech savvy friends who keep the systems chugging along, look at the big tech picture and help translate it in a way that makes me interested and eager for new technologies.  You make our webpages slick, our operating systems hum and our computers remain lively and far away from the blue screen of death!  All hail!

Custodial staffers - you rock bigtime.  Thanks for keeping our place looking so amazing and inviting all the time - from the inside to the outside (mowing; tending gardens and constantly removing snow).  You deal with the roughest stuff and do it with cheer -plus you invent stuff that helps us...cool!

A big "Hey" to all the adult services folks who deal with so many social issues and ferret out info and create amazing programs for their clientele.  They fight mightily against becoming simply internet computer overseers.  They are true champs in showing that google does not replace the amazing skills of a true reference detective!

So here's to you my colleagues.  I'm glad you do what you do to make libraries a great place!

Image: 'Hands in the air - in concert' http://www.flickr.com/photos/45409431@N00/3272079115

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