I'm here in mega-steamy Washington DC, sitting happily in a great little apartment 3 blocks from the convention center. One of my roommates and I got ourselves settled in; the third had a horrendously delayed flight and instead of arriving at 4pm is now likely to appear, ghost-like, after midnight. Travel is always an adventure these days.

Still and all, the fridge is stocked from nearby stores with water, fruits, cheeses and veggies; the A/C is nice and we think we are more oriented to get where we need to be.  I am looking forward to tomorrow's ALSC preconference: Drawn to Delight. And ahead stretches days of conferencing with my library peeps.

I want to share a post from Bobbi over at Librarian By Day on getting the most from conferences. She shares great tips and each and every one is worth doing.  From the practical to the philosophical, these gathered hints will make all your conferences a ton better.  Now let the fun begin!

Image: 'And I Thought Yesterday Was Hot!'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/17731548@N00/2569878338

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  1. When the the Drawn to Delight pre conference is over you can Come Into Delight and read my big thanks to you for the blog award!
    Have a great time at ALA and make sure you keep us posted.