What Got You Started in Libraries?

We are all working in libraries for some reason - we dreamed of it as kids; we fell into it and in love with it; we needed a career that blended well with that useless English Literature degree; we started as a shelver and worked our way up; we had a librarian who was such a huge influence that we had to follow her career footsteps; we thought doing book detective work and ferreting out answers could save the world; or maybe we wanted to be Kate Hepburn in Desk Set. Whatever the reason, here many of us are.

And now we can share our stories at Librarian Origin Stories. This online survey asks you to share how you got into the business and it's for everyone who is or has ever worked in a library, no matter what your job.  It was a fun trip down memory lane for me  - I loved libraries and reading growing up but felt that the librarians were a little stiff and unfriendly with kids.  I thought, "I could make kids have a more fun library experience and have fun myself" and a career path seed was born.  Thirty-four-years- in-librarianship later, I have been lucky enough to pursue that passion and work on that goal every day.  Thanks to Librarian Origin Stories for letting me let me share those memories and a few thoughts as well. And thanks to LISNews for the link!

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