Data Data Data-Base!

Am I excited or what?  Our tech savvy Hedgehog Librarian, who knows her way around databases, has created our first ever sign-up database for SLP!!!  Although we have worked with spreadsheets for various registered events in the past we have three library locations and wanted to share the data.  Our spreadsheets weren't handy and some of the staff that is a little tech shy were hesitant to try it.   But now, with her wizardry, we are in beta testing and about to experiment with delightful fake monikers at all three libraries. There is time to iron out glitches and be ready for the kids when they hop out of school in a few weeks.

It makes a huge difference to be able to do our sign-ups in a way that will provide some valuable information.  How many times are kids visiting; where do they come from (zip code); email addresses of parents of school aged kids to expand our mailing list (we have very well attended preschool events because parents or preschoolers are in our email loop; we need to duplicate that reach to tell school-agers about cool programs throughout the year); what grades levels most respond and participate.  And we will know how many books and prizes we give out which will help us manage our budget better in the future.

Keep your fingers crossed that our testing works and we can get 'er up and running!

Image: 'WebTrends 2007 / otro mapa de web+2.0'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/90646759@N00/1149873101


  1. Fantastic! I hope all goes well with the new system.

  2. My library is using a database for sign-ups for the first time this year, and it is SO much better than the tiny pieces of paper system we used to have. I don't dread registering kids for the program now, which is nice!