Oh Frabjous Day!

A new blog for children's librarians!  A new blog for children's librarians!  Doo-dah-doooooooo!  Stop over at the brand new kid on the block,  Keeping Up with Kids, the blog with youth content for public librarians started by by my buddy Leah Langby at the Indianhead Federated Library System in Wisconsin. Although it is aimed at system member libraries working with youth, it looks like there is plenty of content to get you not only connected to great resources but thinking about what we do as well.

Although there are plenty of blogs focused on kids lit and librarianship in general, content focusing specifically on youth work in libraries is fewer and farther between.  So it is always a cause for celebration when I find someone new to follow.  Thanks Leah and IFLS system members for sharing!

Image: 'Home-grown Noddy'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/18276635@N00/3515044023

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