Library Support (and I Don't Mean Hose)

It's no surprise that the second wave (or is it the fifth?) in the economic downturn/recovery very much involves radical decreases in local and state funding for libraries.  And I am talking about libraries and librarians across the spectrum -school, public, academic and specials. If we haven't already done it, it is more than time to get out our best advocacy strategies and make the case to our publics about the need for libraries. 

Some concerned library users have had posts about the state of libraries. Dawn Morris at her blog Moms Inspire Learning has really been mobilizing her readers with her posts recently. Librarians have been on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and other social networking sites keeping people updated with the latest news in places like Charlotte, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Jessamyn over at librarian.net has a Save the Libraries Round up today and over at LISNews they are hosting a site called Save our Libraries that is trying to pull various real time sources together to keep us updated.

It is "tough times" everywhere (ask me about my immediate family members who have been downsized over the past eighteen months and are still jobless and struggling) but we must find room to support the very real work we do. 

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  1. Also interesting is Andy Spackman's column in American Libraries Direct today championing libraries from a conservative's viewpoint. We must make our case to everyone.

  2. I posted about Charlotte's issues (and immediately donated to them myself). They have not raised as much in the last 2 weeks as they needed, but considering there was no notice, it was not bad! They announced today they are only laying off 85 people instead of 142, and instead of closing 12 libraries, they are closing... NONE! Yay! But cutting back severely on acquisitions and ALL staff are taking pay cuts. Still, in this economy I think it's a win. Go libraries!

  3. These links are so helpful! I will let my readers know about this post. Thank you so much for the great info, and for mentioning and linking to my related post.

    When you put a few determined bloggers together, there's nothing they can't accomplish!