Storytime Fun

Check out some of my favorite midwestern blogs for some great ideas for storytime content and get them on your RSS feed!

  • Come Into Delight (C.A. Friday Memorial Library, New Richmond , WI) - storytimes and lots more programs shared with readers.
  • Story Window Storytime (Wilmette Public Library, IL) - librarians generously share their successful storytime content.
  • Check It Out @ MML (Matheson Memorial Library, Elkhorn WI) - storytimes and lots more from this site.
  • What-a-Time Storytime (Menasha Public Library, WI)- although not super active, some great ideas.
  • Pippi's Postings (Menasha Public Library, WI) - lots of ideas for fun themes and approaches to storytime.
What other library blogs do you know about that have ideas for storytime or other program content - whether super active or not? Let's share!


  1. Oooh, thanks for mentioning me! (I blog at Jean Little Library and Check it Out) I've just added lots of new features and stuff to our blog, inspired by your cool talk at the SRP conference and I hope people find it useful! Now I gotta check out these other people...

  2. You bet! I love how your MML blog looks and all the different aspects to it. Great fun!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I've been out sick recently, but I hope to return and post SOON. Thanks and take care, Marge!

  4. Hey Miss Pippi, you take care..that was a big attack for you and it will take a bit to bounce back. But you will get there!