The Idea Fountain

I have been refreshed! Today the amazing group of people I work with met to plan programs for kids for the summer. I had challenged everyone to come prepared with two program ideas that they were willing to do (we are doing the CLSP water theme). It was a delightful give and take and everyone had more ideas than we could find days to slot the programs in. Pirates; beach parties; duck attacks; undersea adventures; ocean murals on windows; shark adoptions; Dahlov Ipcar puppet show; the Hedgehog Librarian's Incredibly-Patient-Mother's idea to make window clings (worth the price of admission my friends!); fun with rain gutters; a swim party at one of our pools and so much more.

There was incredible energy and generosity as we worked to meet the expressed needs of our customers - more evening programs; a new toddler storytime at one of our neighborhood branches; programming for our preschoolers as well as our school-agers. We chewed over ways to track participation (perhaps a cool new database - slaver, slaver) or just counting what's left of a given doo-dad or gee-gaw (is that pronounced jee-jaw or Gee-Gaw?) to know what we've distributed.

Throughout that meeting I saw the amazing fountain of ideas and thought that my colleagues contributed to excite kids to use the library and read throughout the summer. I know that kids will catch our excitement and we will lead even more kids to the love of reading and books. And now...summer-hater that I am, I can hardly wait for summer!


  1. I could certainly use some of that wonderful energy that is achieved when wonderful people get together to exchange ideas.....I am greedy for it and can never get enough! Glad you had an inspiring day.

  2. You just have a way about you that inspires creativity!