Almost Time for Award Announcements - Part 2

Over at Booklights, Susan has a great "nutshell post" about the many ALA sponsored youth awards that will be announced on Monday and what they are actually awarded for. It gives a great heads-up for all the Monday morning quarterbacking that goes on post award announcements. You know, the "Why didn't this one get recognized?" and "I can't believe that one was chosen!" Many times the comments are just personal/professional taste disagreements. Sometimes, a commenter doesn't realize that their choice is simply ineligible given the criteria of the award.

As in all things, there are only so many awards and honors. The committee members of the various awards are very aware of their responsibilities and put in unbelievable amounts of time reading, re-reading, viewing, thinking, sharing hundreds of materials with kids to gather their opinions, discussing and pondering before they cast their votes. They all hope, as they sit at the front with their backs to the audience at the Youth Media Award announcements, that the naming of the award they worked so hard on will be met with murmurs (or shouts) of approval and not gasps of shock. But no matter the reaction, they know - and I always trust - that they have worked and read and viewed hard to find the very best of the year to honor.

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  1. Hi Marge,

    I share your opinion. There is no doubt in my mind that the committee is aware of its responsibility, and take a considerable amount of time making the best decision they can, in good faith....

    Have a good weekend!