Idea Sparklers #10 - Fun Notes from the Field

Continuing my swing through Kansas, I found myself in the lovely area of Great Bend. I was able to steal away before and after the workshop to immerse myself in two nearby natural areas: Cheyenne Bottoms and the Quivira Wildlife Refuge. The migrating birds were just starting through and, along with the warm welcome from my Central Kansas Library System colleagues and host/consultant extraordinaire Marquita Boehnke and system staff, it made my workshop day special.

Book Relays - held before the library opens, the teams of kids are given lists of books and have to find them and then run back to the next person. A Scholastic Book Fair is also set up at the SLP Kick-off and volunteers make cookies.

SLP Incentives - a local (and generous) woodworker makes big cut-outs from the SLP theme. Each child gets one and decorates with stickers and can bring home at the end of the summer program.

Outside Fun
Outdoor Water Day - held on the front lawn, kids do a sponge relay; a water balloon toss and popsicles are served. As people drive by they are attracted to all the excitement and it is great PR.

Fill big buckets with water and paint and let kids paint outside

Cook hotdogs for kids and let them do sidewalk chalk art.

Popsicles in Gelatin - Get an ice chest and fill with unflaveored gelatin. Stick popsicles inside before it gels. Kids have to reach through to get to their popsicles.

4 H Ambassadors/Actor's Guild/Teen lifeguards - they volunteer to come in to plan games for the library and run them as well. A great way to partner with volunteers to extend fun.

Final Party - was so popular it had to be split into two different days. Found Little Caesers to be generous donor - they not only provided inexpensive pizza but staffed and served it!

SLP Sign-ups - libraries use google docs for sign-up since the doc can be open in multiple locations. Others use gmail form to pop into google docs. Google also has the plus of analytics, plug-ins and easy web-linking to enhance tracking.

Beat the Heat - after programs are over, a movie is run and kids invited to bring pillows. Popcorn is provided. It's a great way for kids to stay cool.

Read to a Dog - a great program for readers.

Book Parties - fun focusing on popular book characters subjects like Captain Underpants or SuperHero Party. Lots of stations and kids enjoy.

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