Idea Sparklers 4 - Fun Ideas from the Field

Today's ideas come from our youth colleagues at the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. They met for their summer reading workshop at an area nature center and got some great info on bats for the Dream Big theme.

Superbowl Sundae – done in collaboration with the Park and Rec who provided fun kid-friendly football activities/games and local high school who sent players to work with kids.  Library read football stories and helped kids make pennants. A local ice cream store donated sundae makings to wrap up the fun.

Pirate Party – a number of activity stations are set up (tattoo parlor;  walk the plank; toss the cannon balls; fishing game; pirate puzzle; pirate stories)  and kids go from station to station on their own. Successful strategy to engage their interests.

Family Literacy Night – the school district does the planning and it is hosted at the public library. This year the theme was Mo Willems. Kids made nest hats with bird inside; Pigeon book was read and acted out “I’m Invited to a Party”; kids made pig cookies; scavenger hunt with a pigeon button reward. Raffle. Huge crowds.

4K Outreach – school district hosts a night once a year at the library. The library provides the story and the school created the activity stations. Can also be done with Head Start.

Weekly Crafting Bee – library invites adults to bring unfinished craft projects – mostly retirees and stay at home parents. Runs at the same time as storytime and kids come after to watch and learn crafts from the adults.

Spinning the Wheel – alternative to SLP prizes. The wheel has silly suggestions: draw an animal blindfolded; do a silly dance; etc. Kids love it.

Drop Everything – announce it and have an activity ready – kids can play instruments or have another activity to do.

Ocean Drop – a jar with water and some oil in it. Kids drop objects in and watch them slowly drop.

Wisconsin Libraries Say Cheese – picture “day in the library life”; invited cheese carver to carve cheese and gave samples away; cheese crackers and used Mo WIllems theme (he put on his blog!) . Also provided a photo album with scavenger hunt items.

Name-O-Saurus – make upnew dinosaur names and let the kids draw and write about them

“Go” Night - run weekly, a staffer plays “Go”, an ancient Chinese game with anyone who shows up. It started in the summer with the multicultural theme. The American Go Foundation provides free supplies and lots of middle schoolers to adults.

Stop at Idea Sparklers #1, #2 and #3  for more ideas from other Wisconsin library system Summer Reading Program workshops.  I'll be visiting Kansas twice in the next month to do Summer Reading Program system workshops and I'll report out more program fun  from there:  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 

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