Idea Sparklers #2 - Fun Ideas From the Field

Next up in the idea parade from my Summer Library/Programming workshops are the marvelous minds from the South Central Library System in Wisconsin. We got involved in some fun summer ideas and then went crazy on scavenger hunt brainstorming and wild success with poetry.

There is also a mysterious note I have about a Price is Right board incorporating bubble wrap in some way but my poor forgetful brain lost the thread. If you shared that idea and want to flesh it out again for all of us, please share in comments!

  • Wall of Dreams – to record books that kids have read.  A penny is donated for every book that is then given to a good cause like Heifer International’s animal adoption program.

  • Name a Star – if children reach a certain level of minutes/books read, adopt a star – funded through Friends of Library or other donation.

  • August Family Reading Card – to encourage reading beyond the end of the regular SLP, create a 5x5 scavenger hunt bingo card to keep kids reading and using the library.

  • Stuffed Animal Sleepover – popular and easy to do.

  • Fired Up Reading Program – mini-reading program during three weeks surrounding Fire Safety Week in October. Kids read at least three hours to complete a card. Kid who reads the most gets a ride on a firetruck. Alternative would be to put completed cards in a drawing to select winner.

  • Math Literacy Night – School district presenter talks to parents about making games for kids while kids are in another room participating in activities at a number of stations (storytelling; block building; story extensions play)

  • Acorn Scavenger Hunt – fifteen acorns are hidden in various spots in the Youth Area. Rhymes that need to be completed are the clues that lead kids to the different acorns. It helps kids learn the library. Kids who find all the acorns have their names put in a prize drawing.

  • Picture Clues – Take close-up pictures of objects and features around the library and let the kids see if they can discover where the photo was taken.

  • I Spy Scavenger Hunt – kids need to find objects listed. An inexpensive plastic mini-magnifying glass is the prize for all participants.

  • Poetry Breaks – during April, drop in to classrooms, announce “poetry Break” and read 1-3 short poems. It’s a five minutes or less visit and a fun surprise.

  • Poetry Mic Night – open mic for youth to read poems – their own or others. It has become so popular that it is moving from the library to a school to handle the huge crowds.

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