The news hit today that I have been selected as this year's Wisconsin Library Association Librarian of the Year!!!  This is such an amazing  - and such an unexpected  - honor.  The confidence that the nominators and colleagues who supported the nomination showed in me really touches me deeply.  And I am humbled.

I think I am not unique in trying every day to do a good job at the library for my public and my co-workers.  As a front-line librarian and most recently manager, I have spent alot of time at the knees of my colleagues and friends in the library world soaking in their thoughts and opinions; their ideas and energy.  I have learned from the families who have come in, from the kids and from the many partners in the community who have helped me see what a library for kids can be. Each day I learn something new that can make my work better.

After a thirty-four year career, I am happy to share and support younger colleagues and those new to the profession to step out and up and shine, shine, shine. So many of my mentors did this for me as a young thing and opened the world of librarianship in a deep and fundamental way that changed me from having a job to having a career.  And I know I am not unique in giving this type of support. So many of my friends and colleagues in my age cohort are doing this and much more for proteges.

I don't think I am very different for any other librarian who works with kids.  And I hope, on behalf of all the hard working children's and teen librarians out there, I can accept this honor for them as well.  Youth folks rock!!

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  1. Congratulations and totally deserved! YOU rock!

  2. Good job and happy that La Crosse can shine because of your work!

  3. Congratulations on Librarian of the year, Wow!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past few months. Just wanted you to know that I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award (see the link below). Thanks for all you do to promote reading and libraries.


    happy reading,

  4. I'm so thrilled for you, Marge! Congratulations!

  5. No surprise to me!! You've always been the best!

  6. Marge, congratulations! And thank you for offering this fun, inspirational, and encouraging blog.

  7. My friend heard you on public radio?! Your star keeps climbing!