Putting the Summer Library Program to Bed

Ahhhhh, my favorite day of the children's librarian year- the day after the last day of SLP.  Our nifty new database produced our stats in two minutes flat:
  • over 10,200 hours read (we challenged kids to read at least 8,670 hours - a year of 24/7 reading - and they far exceeded that goal 
  • 958 kids in the in-house program with 55% active during the course of the eight week program
  • 452 kids in the outreach group care reading program
  • 350 kids earned a free book by reading at least 20 hours over the summer
We had a very rainy and, therefore, very busy summer.  Our programs (all 113 of them!) here and at our branch locations were creative, fun and well-received.  We had enthusiastic teen volunteers; we sent staffers off on vacation throughout and, though busy, we came out sane (I think) at the end!

We'll do a report to our co-workers everywhere in the library; to the board and most importantly back to our principals and LMC colleagues.  Our plans for 2011 are already perking along and with a little design work after de-briefing on this summer, we'll be ready to head out for our trip around the world next summer. Wake uuuuuppppp!

Image: 'Asleep at the Wheel'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34653106@N00/64368770


  1. Congratulations on a successful summer! Our SRP at MPL isn't finished, but I'm thinking of next year's theme already. Have fun!

  2. Congratulations on a really terrific-sounding program, and even more on all emerging from it feeling more-or-less sane! And figuring out how to take summer vacations!

  3. Can you give more details about the outreach group care reading program? That sounds intriguing!