It's Raining Books

Not really. But Amy over at Literacy Launchpad had a great post this week encouraging families to "have books everywhere and watch the magic happen". Her tips and ideas to have books in rooms throughout the house; in the car; and wherever kids routinely are is right on target. When books are seen as part of their many routines, kids become comfortable with browsing and picking out a book to enjoy. Amy also encourages parents to trade out the books often to keep things fresh and alluring.

The library is the perfect place to find those books, books, books. The variety and breadth of our collections for kids will keep those baskets filled with a fresh goodies. And we at the front desks can lead parents to lots of amazing books to keep the stock rotating. Having books everywhere - especially when we include library books in the mix - is a more chaotic approach for parents ("We always keep our books on one shelf"), but one worth the extra hunting to provide kids with great reads. And I would add to this mix parents and other family members also seen reading often and everywhere and young kids - who we know are bodacious imitators - will be drawn into the fun.

Image: 'Detail' http://www.flickr.com/photos/37718678739@N01/9373413

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