Hitting the Road

I have my handouts, my thoughts and a bunch of fun ideas all packed and ready to go tomorrow. I head out on the train to Milwaukee where I'll be doing a workshop for librarians from two southern WI systems on Friday. I get to do two topics in the morning. The first one is on strategizing to keep the fun in summer reading programs. So often we get bogged down in what we've always done. I like to encourage people to experiment and tailor their SLP to their community and give tips on how to keep things fresh year in and year out. Part two is a give and take on way fun programs to do anytime of year with few resources and staff but maximum impact. We'll look at school agers, outreach, "passive" programs, preschool fun beyond storytime and I hope share, share, share. I can hardly wait!

Image: 'Selective Color: Train'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/28284386@N02/2723721661


  1. I wish I was a librarian... sigh.

  2. I think I will see you there! I am still a little doubtful on places in Wisconsin, but the SRP pre-conference I'm going to tomorrow is in the vicinity of Milwaukee so....

  3. You always inspire me and are always a great presenter----they are lucky to have you. I look forward to more of your ideas. Have a terrific time!